Bathroom Remodeling Frisco Texas Tips: Which Floor is Best for Your Bathroom?

If you want to have a beautiful, functional, and stylish bathroom, you have to choose the perfect flooring. With all the available options in the market today, it could be quite difficult to decide which one suits you. If you are planning to get one of the best Bathroom Remodeling Frisco Texas offers, be sure to check your options before you decide. Here is a comprehensive guide that will give you a clear comparison among the different options available.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Flooring

This is one of the most common and practical bathroom floorings that are available in the market. There are hundreds of designs to choose from if you are planning a particular style beforehand. Tile is also very versatile. It can mimic the look of wood, natural stone, and even carpet. Tile also has a wide variety of sizes to choose from. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are water-proof and low maintenance. Installing tiles is also cheap, compared to other types of flooring. The only downside to having a tile bathroom floor is that it can be too cold and slippery. To fix it, there are heated tiles, and you can perhaps choose those that have more texture to avoid slippage.

Vinyl Flooring

Another popular option for bathroom flooring when considering Bathroom Remodeling Frisco Texas is vinyl. Like ceramic and porcelain tiles, it is also relatively cheap. You can choose to have a vinyl sheet, plank or tile flooring, whichever works for your bathroom. For small bathrooms, you can opt for a vinyl sheet to avoid any seams and gaps. Aside from it being cheap, vinyl flooring is also very easy to install for the average DIY enthusiast. Vinyl tiles can be easily installed in just a couple of days and it also comes in a wide variety of designs as well.

Wood Flooring

May it be solid hardwood or engineered wood, choosing this type of flooring takes a lot of guts. By the law of nature, moisture and wood do not coexist as moisture makes wood expand and contract. Technically, using wood in the bathroom, where there is a lot of moisture, shouldn’t be mixed. But, there are a lot of homeowners who would still choose to have wood floors in their bathrooms. Wooden floors do make your bathroom look cozy and warm and you won’t have to worry about stepping on super cold floors during the cold season. If you do go this route, you have to make sure it is properly and professionally installed to ensure there are no crevices and gaps where moisture could seep through.

Natural Stone Flooring

If you have the budget, choosing natural stone flooring for your bathroom is a big splurge. This is one of the most expensive flooring material in the market. Stone flooring is very attractive to look at because of its natural design and unique patterns. One thing that you have to think about is that natural stone can be freezing and it is also slippery. Be sure to have it textured, or better yet, choose slate flooring to avoid any slippage.

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