Patio Installation Cost Frisco TX Home Owners Should Know

It’s exciting how there are so many options on materials once you’ve decided to install a patio at home. The experts from Home Improvement Pro Guys are here to help you choose and learn more about Patio Installation Cost Frisco TX.

Do you see yourself and your family enjoying the view of the outdoors on a sunny, summer day? With the smell of food from the grill, loved ones and friends chatting while the kids are roasting marshmallows? Make your dream a reality with a beautiful, well-constructed patio.

A patio installed by our professionals at Home Improvement Pro Guys will give the exterior of your home a fantastic view and increase its value. Once you’ve decided what the purpose is for having a patio, we will help you select the correct materials, size and spot.

Most homeowners choose from among the following materials:

It would be best to plan your budget after talking to the Home Improvement Pro Guys team. Since most homeowners have zero idea on Patio Installation Cost Frisco TX companies normally charge, it would be best to speak to us, the experts, so we can make a proper evaluation based on your home.

When preparing for the patio, we acquaint our customers with the process. We will ensure that everything is done correctly, so the patio will not shift, sink or grow those annoying weeds. In preparation for the patio, the base prep and drainage should be done correctly. And we assure you that once these are done, your patio will surely last.

The material and the soil should be compatible. For example, a shifting soil should not have a paver patio. A flagstone would be better because interlocking isn’t necessary. This material won’t crack like concrete and will not shift like what occurs with pavers.

Here are the costs of each material. These are based on the average cost for a 12×12 ft. area. The prices mentioned doesn’t include prices on demolition and other landscaping jobs that would either decrease or increase the fee.

Flagstone patio

This material is made of natural stones. A concrete slab is necessary below it. The average is 20 dollars per square foot. The cost of this patio is around 3,000 dollars. The stones need to be sealed every two or three years. Remember that mortar can come out between the joints after a decade or beyond.

Paver patio

This material is suitable for soil that does not shift. They look like bricks. The average cost is 15 dollars per square foot. So, this would be around 2,160 dollars per project. A well-maintained paver patio is touched up with the addition of polymeric sand every two or three years. It needs to be sealed every two or three years to improve the color. Expect weeds and grass to grow between pavers.

Concrete patio

There are a lot of decorative options with varying budgets on materials and labor fees. Some examples include decorative stamped and basic brushed. This material is priced at 11.50 dollars per square foot. The project costs around 1,660 dollars. Sealing is required every two or three years. Once concrete cracks, it’s not repairable anymore.

Gravel patio

This material is recommended for low-traffic areas. It’s recommended for people with a smaller budget, but do note that there are varieties at a higher cost. It is priced at 5.66 per square foot, and the project will cost about 815 dollars. A filler needs to be applied every few years. Expect grass and weeds.

Have you decided on a material? Talk to the experts at the Home Improvement Pro Guys to learn more about Patio Installation Cost Frisco TX. Call us today at 844-202-6979, to get started.


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