House Painting Frisco TX: The Best Practices

Aside from other home maintenance work, House Painting Frisco TX is just as important because the coat is the shield against snow, rain and heat. A paint job done correctly enhances the overall appeal and increases the value of a house to be sold.

You can trust the professionals at The Painting Pro Guys in dealing with your House Painting Frisco TX job. In this post, we reveal our best practices, so you’ll see that the house painting project in Frisco TX with us is worth your investment.
First, we provide you with the best paint options. When you see a peel, blister or a crack on any part of the house, call the pros immediately. Once you ignore the small problems, they’ll become bigger which means the project will become more expensive.

The exterior paint we use has two types. One is the oil-based alkyd and the other one is water-based latex. The latex one can be cleaned using soap and water. It dries fast and has less odor. With its flexibility, it won’t crack that easily. The alkyd on the other hand needs paint thinner during clean-ups. It’s a great option for its durability and stain resistance. It can dry with just a few brush marks. The smell of alkyd is strong and it doesn’t dry as fast as the latex paint.

We also recommend the best paints that are suitable for your budget. Just give us an idea of how much you’re willing to spend, and we’ll take care of selecting a reasonably priced, quality paint. Naturally, the more expensive ones have more pigments than cheap paint. More pigments mean the paint can last longer and is more protective.

Before we start with painting, we prepare the surface first. We clean it to remove all the dirt, mildew, grime and powdery residue. We use a power sprayer because it is the most efficient and effective method. We tap all the nail heads which are under the surface then fill the space with wall putty. We sand it flush after it’s dry. We also apply paintable caulk. We only paint over old surfaces that are in good condition. We scrape and sand the old paint when necessary. If it’s wood, we prime before the painting project.

We also use the best tools and techniques for painting projects. We use both a paintbrush and a roller. The brush is used for smaller areas, narrow surfaces and edges. We use a roller for big and long surfaces.

A successful paint job always starts at the shady spot of the house. This is important because when the new paint is in contact with direct sunlight, the sun-baked surface will make the new paint dry too fast. The outcome won’t be good because the paint will not adhere well. Blisters and flakes will also show up in just a short time. We also dry the surface if it’s damp. When you want the project on a sunny day, we wait for the sun to move before painting a spot. But on an overcast day, painting whichever part of the house is fine.

Now that we’ve explained the best practices for any House Painting Frisco TX, it’s time to set up your next painting job with The Painting Pro Guys. Call us now at 844-202-6979, for a free estimate!


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