Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling 101

Are you planning to renovate and posh up your kitchen? If so, then part of your project is to revamp your kitchen cabinets. When choosing the best type of cabinetry for your abode, there are several things to take into consideration. This includes the form of your kitchen, the space, the type of items that you are going to store, and a lot more. Here are the basic and the most common types of cabinets:  


Wall Cabinets 

These could be either custom or semi-custom made and are usually about 12 inches deep in most cases. The dimensions can be easily adjusted to your kitchen’s size.  


Base Cabinets 

Usually, base cabinets are found below the wall cabinets, and the standard size is about 24 inches deep and 36 inches in height. These dimensions are standard, but it can still be easily adjusted to fit your needs and your space as well.  


Tall Cabinets 

These are full-length cabinets that are usually about 83.5 inches tall. This often serves as a place to store food and pantry supplies and even act as your broom storage.  


Specialty Cabinets 

This cabinet aims to utilize every inch of space available in your kitchen. This includes bottle racks, corner cabinets, and appliance garages to name a few. 


 These are the most common and the basic kitchen cabinets Frisco, TX houses have. When revamping your kitchen cabinets, it’s best to start choosing from those. Once you have selected a type of cabinet for your kitchen, it’s time to pick the kind of quality grade. Price and quality are two of the key identifiers here. Check out these four types of cabinet quality grades: 


Custom Cabinets 

This type of cabinet grade lies on the high-end side. It offers the widest array of material, style, finishes, and even its accessories. Made-to-order custom cabinets boast of innovative designs and functionality which can fit almost any kind of kitchen space imaginable. With this kind of construction grade, prices can be sky-high. If you have the budget, this is your best bet.  


Semi-Custom Cabinets 

Semi-custom cabinets also offer a broad selection of material and style, but it is not as flexible as that of those made-to-order cabinets. They come in standard sizes, but it can be altered to fit your needs. Semi-custom cabinets are cheaper than that of a made-to-order variety.  


Stock Cabinets 

These cabinets come in pre-determined sizes from the manufacturer and offer less versatility than that of a semi-custom cabinet. These cabinets are mass-produced, and its size cannot be altered. Its accessories are also limited. This is a very economical option for those who have a tight budget.  


Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets 

These are ready-made cabinets that require a little elbow grease from the homeowner. It can be easily assembled in just a few hours. The only downside to this is that it is not as durable as those cabinets that are built by a professional. Installation can also be quite difficult, especially if you are not that skilled. On a lighter note, if you are very handy and you can easily assemble this type of cabinet, then you can save some money.  


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