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I will bet that you will agree that the thought of remodeling your bathroom is both exciting and scary. The idea of having a new showroom bathroom is fun however, you already know that it will be messy and expensive.

There are some important issues to think about before you start any project for your Frisco home. First, you need to ask yourself what other areas in your home might be affected by this bathroom remodeling project? The Home Improvement Pro Guys are experts at all six of the major areas of home remodeling. They are:

• Bathrooms
• Painting
• Flooring
• Kitchens
• Patios
• Decks


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We’re The Bathroom Remodeling Experts

When you meet with our Home Improvement Pro Guys’ bathroom team leader, understand that they are trained to look for any other areas of your home that this bathroom remodeling project might impact. As an example; if you have an “open concept” in your Frisco home’s master bedroom and bathroom, you need to ask yourself the following question; “How will this bathroom remodeling project impact the master bedroom?” Or, if you are remodeling a secondary bathroom, the question might be, “How will this bathroom remodeling project impact the hallway or other areas in my home?”

Many times we find that another one of our team leaders becomes really useful and important to our customers because of this associated home remodeling effect. You will be well served by requesting a cost-free project assessment from our Painting or Flooring Pro Guys. You do not need to concern yourself with this right now, the Home Improvement Pro Guys that you are working with already will let you know whether you need this advanced help. You just need to know that this Home Improvement Pro Guys help always comes to you free of charge! This is one of the many reasons you should call the Home Improvement Pro Guys in Frisco at 972-362-6584 right now!


Sadly, many times we are called in after another contractor who only handles one area of home improvement has been on-site. More times than not there are two areas of the Home Improvement Pro Guys’ package of specialties that get woven together to complete your entire project. We have noticed that a large percentage of the time, our painting, and flooring Pro Guys’ teams are called in by our bathroom and kitchen Pro Guys. It makes logical dollars and common sense when you tear out what exists now, that both walls and floors are impacted. The Home Improvement Pro Guys in Frisco can and will do it right the first time, at the best value pricing available anywhere. So pick up your smartphone and call, 972-362-6584 right now to start your complete turnkey bathroom or other home remodeling project.

Most of our customers want several home remodeling projects done at the same time, but they are concerned about the cost. That is completely understandable. However, did you know that you can save as much as 50% when you use more than one Home Improvement Pro Guys’ team in Frisco? Here is how you can make that work for you. Let us say you have us remodel your bathroom. We appreciate the work, and we will do a great job at a fair price. However, there is more that you need to know when it comes to home remodeling and saving big money.

It is a fact that every time a home improvement project is completed in one room, all connected rooms are impacted one way or another. In fact, depending on the room and the work you have done, one room that is updated tends to outdate the connecting rooms, and often, it can outdate your entire home.

So, let us say you have us remodel your bathrooms. Let us further assume that you want us to also repaint your walls and replace your flooring in your bathrooms. With the Home Improvement Pro Guys, you can save big money because we count those three separate projects as one project. We deduct the costs of draping and cleaning up the rooms where more than one project was done, in the same area of the home, at the same time. We think it is just being economically fair to discount what we did not have to spend, to help you to save money.

However, the truth is that if you hired us, or any other home improvement firm, to do three separate projects, at three separate times, you would have three separate room preps and cleanup costs. So, we deduct the costs that we did not have to do on your behalf by doing them all at one time. That makes good business dollars and common sense doesn’t it?

bathroom remodel frisco tx

Additionally with us, if you wanted to expand the project to include the painting of an adjoining room, that is directly impacted because of the current project, you save the same associated room prep and cleanup percentage. To our knowledge, the Home Improvement Pro Guys is the only home-improvement company working in Frisco that does this kind major cost-saving pricing for their customers.

There are a lot of contractors here in Frisco that can handle your bathroom remodeling job. There are others that do flooring work. There are several that do painting. And yes, there are some contractors that do kitchens. Some do patios and decks. However, to our knowledge, the Home Improvement Pro Guys is the only home-improvement firm in Frisco that can and will handle each of these six major areas, with well-trained experts, all working together when needed.

If what you can afford now does not match with our ability to deliver high-quality results, within a reasonable timeframe, we will tell you that up front. Then, perhaps we will be able to help you in the future with your next home improvement project.

Sometimes we meet someone that really believes that they can lower the quality of labor, or materials, or the timeframe in which those are delivered, and save money. They always learn the hard way! Many contractors take on more work than then can handle. They then “juggle” the jobs between too few workers. This always makes all of their customers unhappy. We only accept the amount of work that we can start and complete on time.

You may find a contractor that does not use E-Verify to check the legal status of his workers. They think that they can bring undocumented workers onto your property, and they believe that you will never find out. All too often the owner finds out the hard way. If someone is not a green card or better worker, and they get hurt on your property, if they are not a legal worker then they cannot be covered on your contractor’s insurance. Illegal workers are listed in the “Exceptions” of the contractor’s insurance policy. Therefore, odds are very good that you will be sued for their medical bills, and for their pain and suffering, under your homeowner’s liability coverage. Guess what is most likely to happen to your insurance rates at renewal? This is why we only hire workers based on E-Verify background search results.

100% Performance Guaranteed

As we have stated above, the reason that we have these six main construction disciplines staffed and ready for you is because these six home-improvement areas comprise 80% of home remodeling. Yes, we also can provide replacement windows, doors and other things that you might need. But these six main areas of your home need to have an expert ready when you need them. Because we are so good at this, your satisfaction and your referral to your friends, relatives, and business associates is the goal that we strive for. We are not satisfied until you are,Tickled Delighted and Happy (TDH)!

When was the last time that you read about a home-improvement company that works this hard to find new and creative ways to save you money? The truth is that they should all do it! The fact remains that when more than one project is done in the same area of your home, the costs to the contractor to do more than one project at a time, in the same area your home, is significantly less expensive. The Home Improvement Pro Guys pass these savings on to you! Why would we do this? Because it’s the right thing to do! Little did we know that this, “treat our customers by the Golden Rule” has proven to be an excellent business growth strategy. As you might suspect, when people are treated right, they tend to tell other people.

As a company, The Home Improvement Pro Guys has been built on what Walt Disney believed. He once said, “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

Remember, you cannot go wrong by hiring the right guys! Call the Home Improvement Pro Guys right now at, 972-362-6584 you will be really glad that you did I promise!

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