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If you're looking for a refreshing, creative, top quality, and cost-effective painting solution for your residence or commercial establishment, you've come across the right website. The Home Improvement Pro Guys extend our services for all six regions which are known to be the most essential for an absolute transformation of your property. And from these six, painting impacts the appearance of your home the most. That is why we have a focused team of expert paint technicians to provide you superior quality service for your Frisco property.

Painting as a process, and the paint products themselves have developed a lot during the past few years. Did you know that there are paints that happen to be chemically formulated to no longer stink up your house or office? Gone are the days when your entire house stinked like fresh paint for weeks after the remodeling. Newly formulated paints these days cover bigger surface areas with a single coat and dry up quickly as well. If the preceding shade isn't darker than the new one, this can save time and finish faster as with just one stroke of paint we can cover the paint of any surface area very well. And by saving time, you could save a good deal of cash as well.


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Because painting is undeniably a very important sector among home improvement, we've got a specific painting team among the Home Improvement Pro Guys’ network, right here in Frisco. The reasoning behind this is that soon after any single painting job, the other fundamental places of home remodeling, like flooring, are normally impacted. However, if you want to understand all the details on how to go about the job and what particular region is required to be dealt with primarily, one of our Pro Guys experts will be glad to visit and furnish you with all the details of the whole project and the appropriate order of their completion- completely free of cost!

When you want top rated service, the most professional results, and at the most reasonable price, pick up your cell phone and call us at 972-362-6584 at this instant! And I can guarantee that you'll not regret you did.

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Not many options can enhance the appearance of property like a coat of fresh paint. The first thing that catches your guests’ eyes is the external surfaces of your property. Your house's inner surfaces, and how they appear, are the initial thing that guests see as they walk inside of your place. But suppose part of your overall floor plan was to put in a new deck. Seeing to it that your brand-new deck color and your home’s exterior color complement each other is essential. The Home Improvement Pro Guys will make it a point that each of your home renovation project work in synergy with each other. We also make it a point that they're executed properly on the first try, at the best possible price. When you ponder on paint color choices there're plenty of aspects to consider. Here are just a few:

• Oil base VS acrylic
• Harmonizing trim color with base color
• Checking if or not hardwood trim can and should be painted
• Analyzing if or not stain can and ought to be used
• Checking the benefits of the new fast drying low odor paints

To help you understand the quality and attributes of each paint product, one of our Home Improvement Company's paint experts in Frisco make it a point to present an in-depth illustration of all the available hues and shades. We've been working with homeowners and business communities in Frisco for several years therefore you can discover for yourself how remarkable it is to partner with the Home Improvement Pro Guys!

We know how essential it is to you that we deliver the results affordably. Our expertise in completing the job on-time and on-budget while fulfilling your requirements and preferences is something that makes us stand out from the rest.

In Frisco we are the industry leaders for we understand how necessary it is to have your new paint synchronize with the overall color design of your house or commercial enterprise. Oftentimes, after you complete a new job particularly, new flooring, you might need to repaint the walls in that same place. And our unsurpassed capabilities in providing excellent quality of work are the reason why you should also employ the services of us. We do it all and we do it all incredibly well. If there's any chance of conflict in the visual appeal of your property after the project is complete, we will never hesitate to share that with you even before we start working on it. If you work with some guy that only specializes in painting, there will be a big trouble when you bring in another team, like flooring, due to the wrong sequence of your projects.

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That's why instead of working with someone who can implement only a single type of job, you really should hire us because we provide experienced technicians for all six principal parts of home remodeling and can also be wary of any kind of potential complications before we begin the project. Painting needs to be completed before flooring. Why should you shell out plenty of cash in new floor covering and end up just having it destroyed during your painting project? Conversely, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling job should be carried out prior to painting or flooring. Just before you start with your remodeling job, it'll make good logical business dollars and common sense to first phone our Home Improvement team in Frisco.

So, you don’t want to carry out different projects simultaneously? No problem because we will still furnish you with a detailed evaluation of your house. At least you will be aware of what the correct color scheme must be to complement either future or existing floor covering and walls colors. And also, we will demonstrate to you how any home or business improvement project can affect your whole house. Though, if you are anxious that these processes may possibly bill you extra, then don’t be for each and every time you need extra information on painting, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, decks, or patios, the Home Improvement Pro Guys will give you this kind of assistance without charging you for anything!

Yes! Tell your friends and family about the Home Improvement Pro Guys for we are the most effective Home Improvement Company in Frisco. And certainly they'll be grateful for it!

Irrespective of what kind of improvement job you want to have in your Frisco home, always bear in mind certain critical factors that need careful consideration if you want to have everything completed right at the first try. First of all, you need to ask yourself what other areas within your property may possibly be affected by this painting or remodeling project? The Home Improvement Pro Guys are experts at all six of the key sections of home remodeling.

They are:

• Painting
• Flooring
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Patios
• Decks

You'll be glad to know that the Home Improvement Pro Guys are highly trained paint experts who will diligently observe all the regions of your house that might be affected by the painting job and will let you know accordingly. For example; in case you have a bungalow-type floor plan in your Frisco home’s kitchen and family room, it's best to contemplate the following question; “How will this painting job in the kitchen influence the adjacent room?” Or, if you are remodeling your dining room, the question might be, “How will this wall coloring change affect the hallway or other areas in my home?”

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Many times, we see that an additional team has turned out to be beneficial to our customers because of this linked home remodeling effect. Our Pro Guys’ teams are always happy to extend worthwhile insights of the project and how a single renovation might affect the other parts of your house and business - all absolutely free! What other reason can be better than this to pick up your smart phone and get in touch with the Home Improvement Pro Guys of Frisco at 972-362-6584, immediately?

Sadly, many times we are called in after another contractor who only handles one area of home improvement has been on-site. More times than not there are two areas of the Home Improvement Pro Guys’ package of specialties that go together. We have seen that a large percentage of the time, our painting, and/or flooring Pro Guys’ teams are summoned by our kitchen and bathroom Pro Guys. It makes logical dollars and common sense when you tear out what exists now and replace it with something new, that both walls and floors are affected. The Home Improvement Pro Guys in Frisco are committed to bring you the highest quality at the first go within a reasonable budget that no one else in the market can give. So, if you want a complete painting makeover or any other improvement job for your home, contact us at 972-362-6584 from your phone at once.

If ever we feel that we are unable to deliver our top notch service in a prompt manner and within your proposed budget, we make it sure to explain this to you in advance. By doing this, we believe, we'll be able to provide you with better service for your next home renovation jobs.

There are times when we come in contact with someone who really is convinced they could decrease the standard of materials, or labor, and also the timeframe in which those are completed, and cut costs. They always learn the hard way! There are numerous service providers in the market who accept more jobs compared to what they can in fact deal with. As a result, they huff and puff between projects with just a very little number of laborers. This always makes each and every customer unhappy. Our company only commits to projects that can be started and carried out on the dot.

You may find a contractor who doesn't make use of E-Verify to confirm the legal status of his workers. They assume that they can employ undocumented personnel in your house, and in addition they assume that you will never be aware of it. Even so, the homeowners normally find out about the situation the hard way. If someone is not a green card or better laborer, and they get hurt within your premises, if they are not a legal working immigrant then they cannot be protected by your contractor’s insurance. Illegal working immigrants are mentioned in the “Exceptions” of the contractor’s insurance policy. But this is not even the scariest part as it's more likely that you might get involved in legal action and have to handle all the medical bills of the undocumented worker's injury through your liability coverage because he got hurt while working inside your premises! Guess what is most likely to happen to your insurance rates at renewal? This is why we only choose staff according to E-Verify background search results.

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A majority of our customers want to have so many remodeling jobs completed simultaneously, but they are worried about the associated fees. That is completely logical. Even so say, if we tell you that when you tap the services of multiple Pro Guys’ team to take care of your home improvement jobs in your Frisco house, you can scale back on expenses to just about 50% of the entire expenditure!

This is one way you can make this work for you; let's say you get our expert paint technicians to repaint your kitchen. We take delight in the work, and we will perform an awesome job at a reasonable cost. But the truth is, there's more that you have to know when engaging in home renovation. Truthfully, whenever a home improvement job is done in one room, all connected rooms are in some way Impacted. In fact, depending on the room and the work you have conducted, that single spot which is kept up-to-date will most likely outdate the entire home. Kitchens and bathrooms are famous for such impact on your home.

So, let's say you would like us to repaint your walls in the bathrooms and kitchen. Let us moreover imagine that you require us to restore your flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. Working with our Home Improvement teams for both of those jobs, you can save yourself a lot of money as we consider those four projects as one project. In this way, the cost of covering and cleaning the rooms where we have completed multiple jobs of home remodeling all together can be deducted. We think it is just common sense and it is just being economically fair with our customers.

But we can't give you such promotion even if you've designated us or any other service provider to work on three various jobs in three various areas of the house at three different schedules; in those cases, the fees for draping and cleaning would be charged separately. Thus, we believe that if you hire our expert teams to manage three separate jobs at the same time and in the same part of the house, it will help you save big money as we'll not impose a fee for anything we didn’t put any extra effort into. This does not only make sense but lots of cents too, don't you think?

In addition, with us, even if you wanted to extend the project to add the painting of a connecting area that was draped to protect the house due to the on-going project, you save and enjoy the associated room prep and cleanup percentage discount. As far as we know, the Home Improvement Pro Guys are the only home improvement firm proudly serving Frisco that offers this kind major cost-saving pricing for their customers.

There are plenty of contractors throughout Frisco which could take care of your floor covering project. You can also find service providers who work on the bathroom. Then there are professionals who do the painting, and there are others who can remodel kitchens. Some do patios and decks. But no matter how one might search, you will not find any Home Improvement company in Frisco besides Home Improvement Pro Guys that could provide well trained remodelers and will tackle all these six major categories of home remodeling - simultaneously.

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At the Home Improvement Pro Guys, we know that 80% of any home remodeling project includes renovating all the six above mentioned sections of a house and that is why we keep all these regions well-staffed at all times. Albeit, not a soul will return disappointed because we can also provide door and window replacements and also other things that you need. Nevertheless, these six primary areas of your property should have a qualified team ready whenever you need them. And our extraordinary way of dealing with these kind of jobs and the reference you give to your family and friends motivate us to provide better than top quality. We aren't satisfied unless you are Tickled Delighted and Happy (TDH)!

Have you ever come in contact with a house renovation firm who works this much to deliver innovative and productive methods of saving so that their clients don’t spend money without need? The fact is that they should all do it! The fact is that any time more than a single project is undertaken in the same place of your property, the costs to the service provider to do a number of projects simultaneously, in the same area of your property, is substantially much less costly. The Home Improvement Pro Guys pass these savings on to you! Why would we offer this? Simply because it’s what's best for anyone or any company to do! Little did we know that this, “treat our customers by the Golden Rule,” has proven to be a very good business growth technique. Don’t we know, if a client gets the right kind of treatment, they won't be reluctant to tell others about their excellent experience.

The Home Improvement Pro Guys have formed and expanded the business on the wise words of Walt Disney. He said, “Whatever you do, do it well. “Whatever you do, perform it well. Execute it so well that when people see you do it, they will have the urge to keep coming back and witness how you do it again and they will desire to bring others and show them how brilliant you are when you do what you do.”

Get in touch with the Home Improvement Pro Guys right at this moment at, 972-362-6584 you'll be really delighted that you did I promise!

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