Money-saving Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Who wouldn’t want to step into their bathroom and get the feeling of being in a luxury spa? Well, the reality is, building or renovating your bathroom into the spa of your dreams might be a little dramatic not to mention extremely expensive! However, there are ways to upscale your bathroom without it having to drain your wallet. 

Below are some of the creative ways you could get a great new bathroom look for a fraction of the cost of your spa dream. 

Keep the same bathroom layout  

You do not need to re-invent the wheel and start from scratch.  You can have your sink, toilet, and bath remain in the same place. But to give your bathroom a new look, try updating it with new and modern fittings. 

Utilize bathroom accessories

The easiest and quickest way to give your bathroom a made-up look is to add some bathroom accessories such as bath towel basket, liquid hand soap container, toothbrush holder, bathmat all in matching color. You can even add a flower vase that matches the color of the rest of your bathroom accessories. This will definitely give that upgraded look without causing an arm and a leg. 

Change the color of the walls

Nice fresh, contemporary colors always give a room an uplift.  

Replace the showerhead

You can get shower heads like the rain or massage showerheads which have a great way of giving that spa-like look and experience. 

Bargain hunt for vanities and fixtures

Online is usually a good place to start and makes it much easier and quicker to compare prices and get a good deal.  You are also likely to have a lot more options online too. 

Go for less expensive tiles

Tiling does not have to break the bank.  You can get tiles for as little as $1 per square foot.  Another savings tip is to use the cheaper tiles for large areas and just add a few luxury tiles as feature pieces in the same area. 

Tile a small section of the bathroom

You don’t have to go crazy on tiling every corner of the bathroom, just choose a small area like the shower or sink area and paint the rest. 

Get creative with a vanity piece

You can use an old piece of furniture and add some unique touches to make it a statement piece in the bathroom. 

Select just a part of the bathroom to upgrade

Choosing an area like the shower area or the bathroom sink area to renovate can still have a dramatic change of look and save on huge costs by doing so. 

Make use of shower curtains

Shower curtains are an excellent way to give your bathroom a fresh and updated look and feel compared to a shower glass that’s fixed and is more expensive.  What’s really good about shower curtains is that they come in fantastic colors and can easily be changed to keep the bathroom looking fresh and updated. 

Use chrome fixtures

Chrome is actually back in vogue and costs less than brushed nickel fixtures. 

Make use of your mirror to upgrade your bathroom

Simply buying a nicely framed mirror or framing an existing one will change your bathroom to a more refined and trendier look. 

Have a plan and all your materials first before you start

Nothing is worse than stopping the renovation work or changing plans after commencing the task.  This can be a huge waste of cost and time.