Deck Installation Dallas Homeowner Options

The most important decision when it comes to choosing among the best Deck Installation Dallas offers is the material. There was a time when cedar and redwood are the only options. The options have expanded through the years and some are pricier compared with the two options. Some of them have expensive installation fees but you don’t have to worry about yearly maintenance.

The professionals here at Home Improvement Pro Guys will help you make the right decision. If you plan to have a Deck Installation Dallas, let this be your guide on the materials:

Pressure-treated Wood

This is a favorite when it comes to low-cost options. This material made of fir has received a treatment that resists rot and insects. The modern pressure-treated wood is treated with copper which is only dangerous when burned. This deck material can last for more than ten years but needs to be maintained using a clear sealer once every two years. The average cost is 2.35 dollars per sq. ft.


Cedar is popular among DIY enthusiasts. Its natural appearance and low price makes it a favorite. If cedar is your choice, get the heartwood with a darker color. The other kind, which is sapwood, will rot in just a few years. Cedar requires yearly refinishing and will last for 15 to 20 years. The average cost is 3.75 dollars per sq. ft.


Although redwood is sturdy and lightweight, it is expensive. Decking professionals find this material easy to install. We recommend the high-quality decking lumber. The ones with more cream-colored sapwood deteriorate fast, especially when exposed to the elements. The hardwood with a darker shade can resist rot naturally. Regular maintenance will make a redwood decking last for about 15 to 20 years. The average cost is 7.75 dollars per sq. ft.


PVC decking is a rising star among deck materials. People like it for its maintenance-free qualities. This material has zero wood content. The most expensive kinds feature a cellular core in an exterior layer of solid PVC. These have a warranty of 25 years. It comes in tan shades, brown shades, white and gray. The average cost is 5.95 dollars per sq. ft.


Composite is a combination of wood fiber and recycled polyethylene. A deck made of this material looks great. It needs only minimal maintenance. It comes in a wide range of shades and woody textures. With its design versatility, you can have our decking experts have in-laid construction. The maintenance is every three to four years using a deck wash. This prevents the formation of mold on the wooden parts. The high-quality ones also have a 25-year warranty. The average cost is 6.60 dollars per sq. ft.


This a popular, rot-resistant hardwood from South America. Overall, it looks beautiful and is sturdy. It’s a very hard and solid material so it requires intense work. The rich appearance can be maintained by sealing the deck yearly. The price of this material changes because it’s imported. The average cost is 12 dollars per sq. ft. Suppliers you can trust assure you that the material is naturally renewed and is seeded.

Have you decided on which material to use for your deck? The next step is to contact Home Improvement Pro Guys, the most trusted Deck Installation Dallas experts! Call us at 844-202-6979, today for a free estimate and if you have questions, we’re ready to answer them all.


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