Frisco Deck Restoration: What You Can Do Before Calling The Pros

A deck improves the overall appearance and adds value to your property. It has a lot of purposes. It can be a relaxing spot to escape the heat of the sun. It can also be a place to gather your family and friends for a celebration or a nice chat with meals. With proper care and attention, your deck can last for decades. And the best way to make the life of your deck longer is knowing the right time when to do deck maintenance. While there are Frisco Deck Restoration companies such as Home Improvement Pro Guys, there are steps you can initially do.

Since a deck is installed outdoors, it is exposed to the elements. That’s why it’s necessary to fix the damages early on so that you can prevent further deterioration and major problems later. Here’s a diagnostics which homeowners can do before deciding on calling your Frisco Deck Restoration experts.

1. Inspect every part and look for damages. Different weather conditions combined with the damage brought by UV rays is detrimental to your deck. Check the entire surface of your deck carefully, especially on parts where it’s closest to the ground or where wood is connected to another wood. Ensure that there’s no structural damage. Wood rot is a good example. If you can pierce a screwdriver or easily jostle the wood, it must be replaced.

2. Clean your deck. It is a must to wash your deck once a year. You only need soap with water and a brush. Gently apply pressure when brushing. This is the most effective way to get rid of dirt that builds up on your deck.
In case it’s a deck neglected of maintenance, a generic deck cleaner is necessary. A deck that has been coated with stain or paint might need a tougher remover. When cleaning the deck, it is important to wear gear goggles and gloves to protect yourself. You need to be extra careful applying chemicals so that the toxins will not damage your garden.

3. Deck sanding. A wood deck can be sanded with the following materials: palm sander, sanding sponge and sunshine. Since the whole process is going to be dusty, it would be best to have an eye protector, a face mask and work gloves. This is usually done with decks with a coating that’s loose and flaking. It’s an important measure so take your time in doing this maintenance measure. Until it’s free of old coatings, do not proceed to the next step.

4. Deck staining or oiling. The last step in deck restoration is applying a fresh coat of either wood stain or decking oil. A decking oil keeps the wood protected from UV rays and weathering factors. It naturally moisturizes wood to prevent decay in the future. You may choose a decking oil depending on the look that you want, how you use your deck and the type of timber. Stains on the other hand permanently change the look of your deck.

As always, you can just contact us at 844-202-6979, to get your Frisco Deck Restoration done. We at Home Improvement Pro Guys will make your deck look good as new

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